Browser Closes on Default

Hi Guys, why does the browser auto close after the run. Is there a global setting to keep the browser window open / minimised rather than having to tick the checkbox everytime I create a new robot… ? Just seems to me the default should be keep open / minimised.

check if you are killing it anywhere in the code

Hi, a completely new totally blank process, I drag in browser, indicate application which is Chrome.
When I run it it opens Chrome then closes immediately, I have to change it in options pane “dont close”., just seems a bit odd or a bug ?

Hi, I could fix this by opening the settings of the project, Tap on "UI Automation Modern under activities settings, Then scroll down and tap on “Application/Browser” and under the “Close” section select “Never” on both options. Hope I helped! :smiley:

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If you are using modern activities, by default browser is set to close. In properties of activity change to never or if app is opened, as you prefer.

@MikeC Try below one

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