Why am unable to run this bot?


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Hello @taruna.mehra ,

Please check the Sheet names in your excel file.
Seems that the name from Excel is not exactly the same as the one from UiPath activities.


Sheet names has 3 names setting constant and asset. Setting & constant have same name and value keywords may b that’s why it’s getting confusing?

your screenshot doesn’t show the name of the sheet you’re trying to read, but it looks like it is looking for a sheet named “Sheet1” - is that the name of the sheet? If not, change it to “setting” “constant” “asset” or whatever the sheet name is that you want to be read. If you wish to read all sheets within the excel document, I would recommend you read all sheet names, then do a for each loop iterating each of the sheet names you read.

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@Dave - ok let me do it.

If you are using ReFramework config then it never have sheet name as “Sheet1”.
It always have Setting,Constant and Asset sheets, So if you want to read all sheets data then better to create one array which contains all sheet name and iterate one my one by passing each sheet name dynamically.

You can take reference from Standard REFramework.

Hi @taruna.mehra

I hope you are using REFramework as @ermanoj3101 said

So if that’s the case then we need to read each sheet one by one
Like constant, settings and Asset

For that
Create a array(of string) variable as in_configsheets like below and pass that variable as input to FOR EACH activity


—in for each activity change the type argument to String in property panel and change the variable name as Sheet in FOR EACH activity

—inside the for each loop use READ RANGE activity and pass the for each loop variable in sheet property (you can refer in above image)

In this way we can read each sheet one by one and all the values will get stored in a dictionary
As per REFramework design

For more details
Refer ReFrameWork/REFramework documentation.pdf at master · UiPath/ReFrameWork · GitHub


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@Palaniyappan - i am learning UiPath and i can share the process which am learning. Is that ok if i will message you so that you can make me understand the complete process for my easy understanding?