Read first sheet of Excel

Hey everybody,

I use “Read Range” activitie for collect data of my workbook .xlsx.

I want replace “Feuil1” by the first sheet. (.net language)


Help me …

Hello @mateo.drouillard ,

Your requirement is not clear for me. Do you want to read the first sheet that’s present in the workbook, whatever it is? Or do you want to change the name of “Feuil1” sheet?


@mateo.drouillard ,
Use excel extension activities to rename the sheet


As you are using Excel Application scope. Assign workbook name in Application scope property and then while using Read Range Activity you can use WB.getsheets(0).tostring
Where WB = workbook variable that is assigned in property.

I want read the first sheet that’s present in the workbook, whatever it is

I know this pratice, but i prefer don’t use Excel Application scope.

It’s possible ?


Any particular reason not to use Excel Application Scope activity here ?


You can use Get Sheet Name activity that is included in BalaReva.Excel.Activitiespackages to get the name of all the sheets present and then pass Sheetnames(0) value to read range activity.


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because Excel Application Scope activity, need to be install Excel software in computer, and my bot run on server


I guess Balareva Excel activities also won’t work if Excel Application is not installed on that Robot machine and also we can’t use VBA or Macro too.

Only option is to use Workbook activities and you should know sheet name prior then only you can read the data.