How to read an excel sheet name as variable

I have an excel with multiple number of sheets. I have accessed all sheets by using a read range activity where sheet name is a variable. I have a variable as name. i.e assign name=DT.item(0).tostring. In some situation name will be firstname, some other situation name will be full name. i.e there will be space between each first and last name.
But in sheet name it is written as full_name. So,when I try to read a sheet name there occurs an error.

Is there any other way to read a variable full name. I mean that, is there any way (like full) or something like this. I want to read sheet inside a for each row activity of data table DT.

please help me with solution

Have you tried the below activity to read all the sheet names -

Karthik Byggari

check this sample @rifnanahas (18.3 KB)

Not this ways. I need to access values from each column in each sheets