Why am I not able to merge 2 data tables properly?

When I try to merge two data tables together, it’s merging as shown below instead of parallelly. So can anyone please help me out with this error?

If both data table have same size…

yes both of them have the exact same size. But still they are not merging properly.

Hi @vivek_Chowdary,

What was the output of the workflow that I gave you for this problem?


Here is the excel output:

take the count of the column and when you are merging give the cell address ,

Like count is 3
so cell will be D1.

if you want I can add a example as well

You can use “For Each Row” (Table2) activity and assign corresponding row values of Table2 to Table1 by increasing the row count using counter.
Note: Before this, you need to include two “Add Data Column” activity for Table1.

@SakshiGupta yes sure, can you add an example please!

Hi @vivek_Chowdary

Check out the below example. This extracts data from two excel files, merges them together and writes back to another excel.

mergeTwoExcelSheets.xaml (6.5 KB)

Let know if this works for you…

Once you have the 2 data tables you can use a add data column acctivity and in datacolumn property you can try with dt2.columns(“columnName”) and the datatable should be dt1.

Let us know if this helps,
Pavan H