How to merge two data tables table 1 with 1 row and table 2 with 4 rows

How To merge two data tables table1( 1 row 5 columns) table 2(4 rows 3 columns)


use Merge Data Table activity to merge data tables.

Hi @nikhila,

Use Merge DataTable activity with source datatable as which you want to merge and destination datatable as to where you want to merge with.


I tried, but it’s adding the data in next row
as in the screenshot (yellow highlighted is table 2 data)

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Yes, I used merge data table activity but i need merged data in the same row.


No problem…

May i what are the column names in table 1 and table 2

GSTIN, PAN, of Beneficiary are columns in table 1

Serial No. , Description and Amount in Rs are columns in table 2

Hi @nikhila,

Kindly refer to this URL,

would be helpful…

Hi @nikhila,

Was that working

In that table 1 has more rows than table 2, but in my case table 1 has only one row

No Problem,

I will send you the xaml file. two mins pls…

Hii @nikhila,

Please find the xaml file. Its resolved…

Merging two (43.0 KB)

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Hii @nikhila,

Were you able to access the table.xaml. Is it working as you require…?

Yes, it’s working…

Thank you very much

Hi @nikhila,

That’s amazing, keep going…

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