Issues with Merging Datatables


Hi all,

I wish to merge 2 datatables with 2 same column names (the tables only have 2 columns). I used the ‘Merge Datatable’ activity, however the result of the merged table is not what I wanted. Instead of merging table 2 data below table 1, it placed table 2 data on the right of table 1 data (creating 2 more columns)

What went wrong??


@Edmundz Merge datatable is working fine for me.

Please check below workflow.

MergeDataTable.xaml (13.5 KB)

Can u share ur workflow?


Hi @Manjuts90 I’m unable to open. Anyway I’m using version 2018.3.0 I do not know if there is any changes to the merge table.


Column names in both data table are same? Merge Data table requires exact match in column name.


Refer this, It work fine !


Hi guys. Managed to resolved it by changing the MissingSchemaAction. Thanks!!


If you are facing this kind of issue last option is just to write one table to excel and append the second data table to the same excel and use read range:)