Why ACME does not catch the name of the sections into the URL bar address?

Hello guys (here we go again), first good morning and greetings.

Guys I need to solve a doubt, I see that ACME not change name of section in the moment that I acces to different part of ACME web site, let me explain you:

  • When I said pass into different section is when you need to acces in “Work Items” but you are in “Home” section is a hipotetic example. I see that all bots need to move into this section, because in the “Assignment 2 - Generate Yearly Report”, the proces is going to " Work Items" to “Reports - Download Monthly Report” and after in the of the process, the bot move to “Uploding Report”. However, I see that into the URL bar, more specific into address never change in correctly way or in my case, although I’m stay into whatever section, into the URL bar in the of the URL, said that is “Uploading”. Now, I’m asking this because in my last quetion of yesterday, or other words, I believe that’s a problem with “Selector” for this reason I haved problem, for understand the transition into different section of ACME web site. On other hand, someone solved my problem sending me videos about of use of the “Selectors”, this videos helped to understand that is very important see “Title tag”, the man of the video said you have two option:
    - Control the dynamic transition of pages with asterisk(*), when this pages are not statics.
    - Or only delete the “title” tag.
    But I don’t know if is correct only delete the “title” tag , and I need of yours advices or good practices of programmation in UiPath Studio. Thank you.


It has nothing to do with the URL !

But it has everything to do with elements on your website, for example, if i wanted to access a button on the “Dashboard”, i would have something like this :point_down:

But, if i wanted to access a button on the “Work items”, i would have something like this :point_down:

So, that i don’t have this problem, i see that something never changes… and add " * " on the dynamic part…

So, as a conclusion, selectors are based on elements on the page or app you are interfering with…

Hope this clear things for you !

But for example I understand when you said, that you put the asterisk for the dynamic part, but in so many cases I doing this, and after my execution of my bot in Debug mode, said that element in my case whatever button, or my real case that I needed to move into the other sections, but when I used “Ui Explorer” or “Edit Selector” passed the next:

  1. I need to close my ACME website and open again for select, in this case the button and it’s works under the “title” tag, because the name of the tag appeared, but not always. For other hands, when this name of the tag, I don’t know any tag for example “Dasboard”, not appear is supplanted with the addres URL there is: www.acme….
    2.And when this “title” tag, generate some error, for this reason for me to completed the assignment 2, I have two options omitted or delete the tag, and this bot it works.

Also I’m asking to my other coworkers, but they do the same process that me obviously because each one have different logic, but I remember that just one, omit the title. But you are right in all of your explanation, because I know that I am beginner now, but is for me is interesting and probably I doing sometimes that is not correct or miss some details, but thank you for your clearly explanation, I appreciate that you take of your time for explain me.

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Sometimes you will find some selectors are almost the same, which make it harder to get the right one. But with time and use cases, you will learn how to manipulate them, so that you can easily find what you are looking for… Sometimes i do replace title with an asterix, so that it stays dynamic, but be aware that using asterix, ain’t always the right way, sometimes some error buttons are the same, but one of them has in addition a checkbox, so if doing so it will alway click on the button which might not be the right gesture to do. So I kind look for something more specific, some part which can stay static and add a dynamic part if needed… As said before, with more use cases you will familiarize with the selectors…

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Wow, you are right. Actually in some many cases I trying to understand the correct way and use aware, and yes, I saw that in occasion that I need to catching a “Button” or "Top of a web page ", the “Indicate Statement” not establish a right capture of this. And now that you said this, I don’t know but other problem is the browser, because in my job into my department said that, the only browser that work much better with “Ui Eplorer” is “Internet Explorer” browser, but well I need to give time to time, but this is my problem, I’m glad for know more, but free mind and good thoughts, thanks again for your explanation, please don’t losing the communication you are good with your explanations.

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