How to handle title selectors in web application

Hi Team,

I have one web application called “Informatica MDM Data Director”.

I am facing issue with title selectors
Sometimes getting Url and sometimes getting Title. Please find the attachment below for your reference

How to handle this issue.
Actually I don’t know at what time getting Title or Url .
Sometimes it’s working Sometimes not working due to title changed

Kindly suggest


Hello @Baby123

Are you trying to inspect on the same URL and you are getting these different selectors?

Also are you facing this issue in the Application scope activity? Can you give more insight to your issue.


Hi @Rahul_Unnikrishnan ,

Thanks for your quick response.

Same url but indicate the any of the fields in the web application sometimes the title will be in the form of Url , sometimes in the form of title .
I am not using the any application scope.
If I am using the attach browser activity also title selectors will be changed

If I am getting Title selector has Url or title form also I need to Handle any type of selectors
Please suggest


You can try wildcard characters. This will work for both the URL and title.

Hi @arjunvyshnav ,

I tried with wildcars also.
Please find the attachment below for your reference

It’s working for URL selectors
Sometimes getting Title selector at that time it’s won’t work

If getting Title selector as URL or Name or any type I want handle the both selector

Please which activities need to use handle the any type of selectors in the tiltle attribute



I got your point.

You can use two string variables to hold your selectors for both the URL and title.

SelectorOne = “your selector for title”

SelectorTwo = “your selector for url”

Use element exists or some other activity to validate each selector with the help of If condition.

With this, I hope you may achieve your use case.

Let me know how this goes!


Will that be possible to share the URL?


Hi @arjunvyshnav ,
I didn’t get you ,
Can u please show me how to put .

Hi @Rahul_Unnikrishnan ,

Sorry , I can’t share because it’s client application.



Are you observing any changes in the application when you are getting changes in the selector?

Any changes in the URL?


No, there is no changes in the application.
But sometimes title selectors get changed.
I am using “*”,wildcards in the titles selectors
But it won’t work

Apart from the title selectors remaining no changes in the application


I can see an ID is there in the selector? Its seems to be a dynamic value.


Hello @Baby123 ,

In Web application , Sometime we faced this kinda isssue .

Could you Please open UI Explorer and select the selector that need to be use

We will get 3 to 4 HTML line in the selector ,

1st line will contains Application and Title
2nd line will contains web control name and tag , if you found some link just replace tag and ctrl name
3nl line we have to check proper

even though if we getting wrong input then you have to check Class id in that website using Inspect


Id also their in the selector but title selectors will change remaining attributes are not changing.

Hi @kishorgy7 ,
I want handle title selectors which is in the form title or Url

How to handle this
Only title selectors get changed remaining are same attributes in the form URL or title

Hi @Baby123,

Did you allready try this in the first line of the selector;
Title=‘*informatica *’ (delete the space after informatica)

Kind regards,


Take a look at this workflow attached. I’ve made this according to the logic you want.

Multi_Selector_Task.xaml (14.6 KB)

Let me know whether this works !

Arjun Vyshnav

Hi @Robert_Lansbergen ,

I tried with that wildcards also
But if getting Title selector will be in the form of Url
That wildcards won’t work right

Need to handle both type of Title selectors like Title in the form name or URL


Hi @arjunvyshnav ,

Will check and update you ASAP

Thank you for all your help and support

No Problem !

Hi @Baby123,

I found an old website, which still has https in the title and this works if I put wildcards before and after the title-name. The original Title name is as you can see in the attach browser picture.

In your case the word Informatica is present in the URL and the Title, so it should work.

Kind regards,