While writing text file in CSV some column getting blank

Hi all,m converting xlsx to CSV .
My flow is
Excelscrope app
Read range: dtconcert
Datalist: (from d in dtconcert .asenumerable let s= string .join( “,”,d.itemarray)select s).tolist
Wrtite text file
In text strcsv and filename
So in my xlsx I have , in H column so while converting , is gone and it gives to empty spaces and then next record .et is d issue pls suggest

Your approach is incorrect.

Read Range to get the data into a datatable, then Write CSV to create the CSV text file.

Hello @sayali_rokade ,

If your objective is just to write to CSV from Excel then you can perform the following :

  1. Use Read Range to read the Data & Store in a Data Table Variable
  2. Use Write CSV , Pass the DataTable & Delimeter, file path, you will have the data in CSV format.


Hello @sayali_rokade - Hope the attached workflow would helps you!!

Example.zip (9.7 KB)