While Publishing the Test Case From Studio Getting Error

After Publishing the test case I am geeting the below error
The project has validation errors and cannot be published
I have validated the project and each file with the help of Analyse file but It is shoing no error found. Also When I am running with studio It is running fine. Only geeting error when I am publishing this to the orchestrator.


The error you’re encountering, “The project has validation errors and cannot be published,” accompanied by the “An item with the same key has already been added” message, suggests there may be a duplicate key somewhere in your project’s configuration or within the activities that use dictionaries or other key-based collections.

  1. Check for Duplicates*: Search for any dictionary activities or other collection-based activities in your workflow where you might be adding items with keys. Ensure there are no duplicate keys being added.
  2. Project Configuration*: Look for any potential issues in the project.json file or other configuration files that might have duplicate entries.
  3. Dependencies*: Check if there are conflicting package versions or dependencies that might be causing the issue during the validation process for publishing.
  4. Clean and Rebuild*: Try clearing the project’s temporary files and rebuilding the project. You can do this by removing the contents of the .local and .settings folders within your project directory (make sure to back up your project first).
  5. Run Analyze Project*: Use the “Analyze Project” feature in UiPath Studio to check for validation errors again.

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