Project cannot be published. validation error


I am trying to publish a automation file. and use it in orchestrator. but i am getting an error as ’ project cannot be published. main file has validation errors’

dose anyone also experience the same error ?
pls let me know how can i solve this.

best regards,

@susheel.chandra Check main file once

there are no errors in the main file. it is running successfully.
i dont understand what dose it mean by validation error.

@susheel.chandra Check this link once, it might be helpful

hi thanks for the information. i have tried that but still getting same error. any other options to solve it ??

@susheel.chandra No bro.

Try going to ‘manage variables’ and ‘remove unreferenced’


Can you please share your project with us ? (Remove confidential data if this is a problem) . Also what Studio version are you using ?


thanks for the tip. but there is no difference after removing unreferenced variables. still not able to publish.

hi Alexandru,

i am using studio 2018.2.3.
i have copied the workflow into a new blank project and published. it is successfully published now.
however, i did not understand why the studio could not publish with original project file.

Might be worth sending the log file to @alexandru, unsure if it would have captured anything but you never know!