Which UiPath Orchestrator to use?

Hello Team,

Been trying to familiarize myself with the server-side of Uipath which is the Orchestrator but I’ve some questions that I need clarity on:

  1. There is the cloud.uipath.com which connects to the orchestrator but in the video that I have watched you download a few softwares and create a custom link to your orchestrator.
    So, are both options still available or I choose what I want.
    Because the interfaces are much different from each other.

Custom URL Interface

cloud.uipath.com interface

Kindly advise.

Kakooza Allan Klaus

Hi @Kakooza-Allan-Klaus,
There are just three possible scenarios that you might choose.

  1. As a community user you can use the free cloud.uipath.com instance.
  2. As an enterprise user you can buy the cloud instance of the Orchestrator that will be hosted by us (link can be customized)
  3. As an enterprise user you can buy the on-prem Orchestrator that you will install on your machine and you will host it by yourself (you will define the link, domain etc.).

Hi @Pablito,

Thank you for your guidance.

Kakooza Allan Klaus

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