Orchestrator login URL for enterprise version


I have completed the installation of orchestrator,
But now i am not getting which link to use to access the orchestrator as i want to activate the license

Platform.uipath.com is this only for community version if yes.
Then what is the link for enterprise version.

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Kindly have a view in this

Where webconfig will have that details

Cheers @heena_shaikh

Hi @Palaniyappan,

Is this the next step once i am done with orchestrator installation?

will it help me to create the link to access the orchestrator??


The web.config doesn’t define the URL.
By default this is going to be the IP Address or hostname/fqdn that you installed Orchestrator on, you can see this if you look in your IIS configuration.

If you want a different URL you will need to configure your DNS with an A or CNAME record pointing to the host and bind the name in IIS to the interface/ip address.