Which type of process model is the REFramework template by default

Dispatcher only
Performer only
Neither Performer or Dispatcher
Both Performer and Dispatcher

Both Performer and Dispatcher


In my opinion default model of RE frame work is performer only.

If we want to convert dispatcher and performer model within RE frame work we have to use add queue item activity in the init phase first run. Thanks for the question sharing my thought. Thanks.


Hi Everyone,

@shashank.singh can You please advise why “Both Performer and Dispatcher” would be Your answer to the matter in question?

I would support @kirankumar.mahanthi1 (“Performer only”)on the matter as a newly created (using the predefined template) RE Framework process is prepared for extracting data from a queue designated in the Config file but doesn’t include the Dispatcher part which would put the data into the queue in the first place.

In my understanding a Dispatcher should be a separate process as this allows separation of the Dispatcher & Performer functions. For example such a separation would allow numerous robots to execute the Performer part.

According to “Introduction to Robotic Enterprise Framework” we need 2 automations for a complete default model. A Dispatcher filling the queue and a Performer consuming the transactions from the queue


Hi @Shuhratjon_Zikiryaev

I would like to say,

By default the RE Framework is for Performer modal since we are using ‘State Machine’ as a workflow in it. State Machine is for transactional business process.

And of course we can make changes in RE framework and we can use it for Dispatcher model as well but all existing engineering blocks/predefined states will not be used rather some of the state will be eliminated/compromised its actual purpose.

Thank you.

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