Dispatcher Performer in same RE Framework Template


I have a code where a part of logic is doing someoperations and final output is a data table which i have to upload to queue.

The next step processing queue items one by one.

I am confused where to use the dispatcher part in re framework since it has all the exceptions included like system and business exceptions as when this exception occurs it will directly go to end state without processing queue items if there are any in the orchestrator.

Can you please help where to put the logic of dispatcher.So that even if it fails the process should go and check if any queue items are already there to be processed.

I want to use both the dispatcher and performer logic in the same RE Framework.


I usually put Dispather Workflow in “Initializationstage” and upload all transaction items to the queue.

The REFramework will work as usual after this stage.

Hi @JITU99 ,

We can keep dispatcher and performer logic in same RE frame work. You have to keep your dispatcher logic inside First run in the init state so if you get any exception it will not go to first run so multiple times dispatcher will not execute. The rest of the RE would work as performer. If you still have questions please let us know. Thanks.

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Hi @kirankumar.mahanthi1

Thanks for your response.

i think it is clear for me will reach out to you if i have questions.

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