What is the purpose of .local folder, which gets created when creating new Process?

When I create a new Process, I get the below files/folders

  1. What is the purpose of .local folder?
  2. Should I include it into my version control?
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I have seen project getting published even after .local folder so it is not really necessary. You can give it a try and exclude from version control list

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@libinv Our SVN/TFS version control in Studio is also ignoring this folder. It is a local working folder

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Hi @libinv

I believe it is a cache of all available packages in your system. It probably speeds things up a bit :slight_smile:

I am not able to understand it clearly. Could someone explain it more?

Hello @loginerror

Could you try to clarify this topic, please? It is still ambiguous, especially with words like “believe” and “probably”

Thanks in advance for your reply.

As explained above by @Akash_N_Jain, it is a folder used by Studio to gather some relevant files to speed things up during your Studio development.

If you delete this folder, nothing will happen, as Studio will re-generate these files again.

Do you have any specific concerns about this folder? :slight_smile:

Thanks for the clarification @loginerror!
All clear!

Hi @loginerror,
I am not able to generate this folder again.

Any Idea on how to create the files again?

Thanks in Advance