Which method I should use

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Which method I should use these problem. I want to write some data at Actual row. which row’s first cell by weekly . First, I used For each loop and If condition . But upper rows are merge cell . I can’t read any column. So , I used Find First and Last Data Rows Activities. But , I can’t these problem. Please help me and advice.

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In this case I would suggest you to create a template excel file with headers and copy the data from this file in screenshot using “Read Range” activity only the rows excluding the merged rows i.e. from row below “Project ID” till last.

Please try to do your required operations in that copied template excel file. Once done copy back the data into this actual file.

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Do you mean Build data table and create worksheet and write data ? And then , those data are copied to actual worksheet.

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Can you share us the sample input file and explain little bit more about the issue.


Yes. I want to fill some hours each cells(Column F to Column J) of Actual Row from Column E under Plan/Actual . I tried with for each loop activities . But it is not Ok . I tried below.

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mmReport.xlsx (29.6 KB)

No, Please use “Read Range” to copy the required data to a DataTable after that just write the data into a new file using “WriteRange” and then perform your operations.