New data replacing previous row instead of filling new row

Hi guys, so i’ve been writing an automation to read pdf and store the data into excel. However after the write range and clear data table for each iteration, the new information from the next excel sheet replaces the previous one occupying the row instead of filling up the next row.
Any suggestions to help me fill up the next row instead?


How about using Append Range activity instead of Write Range?


How do I make use of append range? Cos it doesn’t ask for the directory of the excel file that’s required. Does the excel file need to be open while the function is used?

May be you are looking at the excel application scope activites , please have alook to workbook activities

Hi if i use append range if there any way i can choose the columns from which the rows that i want to be filled from? By purely using append range, it just fills the first the row from the first column