Which is best RPA tool among the four?

  1. Automation Anywhere
  2. Blue Prism
  4. Open Span

Which is the better tool for those who don’t have programming knowledge and what is the next stage or future of the tool (i.e. AI or ML) and where can i get the certification and what might be the fee and location and duration

Kindly Help

Welcome @mprasanth,
Following are from my experience and opinions,

I haven’t used openspan.

Out of top 3 in the list, I will strongly recommend Uipath, The leading enterprise RPA tool. We have the best tutorials and an online platform Uipath Academy to learn and get free certification where you won’t get this nowhere. And it’s most suitable for rookies as we do have a forum/community to help us.

Refer this for more info PPT5 UiPath Forward Roadmap v17.5 V06.pdf (2.1 MB)

Go through Uipath Academy - Free - Online - Based on your interest.

Happy Automation :robot:

Dominic :slight_smile:

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I am very thankful for your answer.

What about Blue Prism as I learned from surfing through internet that there are many customers for Blue prism when compared to UIPATH.

and what might be the Course fee if i want to do UIPATH cetification and about Job vacancies.

I am in dilema to learn which course. Kindly Help in getting.

Can I have your contact number if u dont mind.


You can go with Uipath.

Dominic :slight_smile:

For Blue Prism you can only utilize the documentation once your company has requested for an account to be created on the Blue Prism portal for you.

You can’t find RPA materials on open forums like Stack Exchange as the Blue Prism forum is a closed one for only companies associated with their product.

However, Uipath offers a fantabulous training academy and Community addition of Uipath free of cost, where you can learn a lot and get your hands dirty…

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Thank you for the answer.

We can t use the same documentation in another company as it is confined one company only.

Am i Correct?

That’s true, moreover as far as I have checked most of the trainings for Blue Prism are paid and will cost you more than 10K INR, if you want hand-on.

Thanks for answer.

Which tool is better path for Artificial Intelligence (AI) the next generation. I learned that, atleast two rpa tools required for AI and RPA is almost fade out. is it true?

This is a funny thread :slight_smile: . If you have asked on a Blue Prism forum you would have received the answer that is the best one. Every client chooses the RPA tool to use based on which solves easier their needs and problems.
My advice would be that you explore the options in the market and make the decision based on your experience and knowledge.

Indeed UiPath is the easy one to start with :wink:

Really awesome and useful answer.


I will suggest tools based on your scenario.

  1. If your company is in startup stage, no Idea about RPA concepts, still in experimental mode of choosing the projects. You should go for UI Path. Lot of features are available in community edition itself.Community edition is free of cost. Lot of UI Path Training Institute are also available to train you. Even UI Path is having their own academy.

  2. If your company is ready to invest in tool,will wait for more time to develop the stable application.You should choose Blue Prism.

This tutorial explains the same

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