I stand with UiPath


Hey guys,
I just wanted to prove to my management team that UIPATH is better than AA and BluePrism. Can somebody help me to gather some info about it, where UIPATH provides more advantage over those two technology .



I worked with all 3 (4 if I include Leo, by Kryon System) and UIPath is the most complete RPA tool.
As capabilities go, UiPath has the most features and is the most user friendly. Also, the ability to create your own custom package of activities in .NET (and use .NET expressions and objects) makes it limitless.
The closest to it might be BluePrism but the interface and features are dated…

Now, there are several other aspects which you might take into account: stability, reliability, costs etc. for which I do not have info unfortunately…




Did you build any document with you analysis?

Best regards


to simplify:

Automation Anywhere relies heavily on front end automation (send keys, clicks etc.) the interface itself is annoying not mentioning the difficulty in working with loops or collections

BluePrism: The tool’s architecture is somehow similar to UiPath but everything is outdated - interface, objects, capabilities etc.

The fun part is that regarding the costs (licenses, certifications etc.) are much higher for the two. so i would strongly recommend UiPath

disclaimer: i have no affiliation to UiPath :slight_smile: