Which browser is good for SAP application automation?

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We have an SAP application where we download different reports using ui automation by clicking different elements on the page and passing data.

My question is which browser is good for automating SAP application where it will properly click where ever required, type data and download the reports ?


Have a look below, should help:

Thanks @SenzoD. But my application is a browser based application. It opens in some browser and we need to navigate to some page then enter few input data and then download the reports.

So in general which browser responds good while automating is my question for SAP GUI.

I guess it wouldnt matter much which browser you use. incase you cannot find stable elements. Try using computer vision activities.

Sometimes the bot gets stuck after login and doesn’t click on the next element and also the exception doesn’t get thrown ?
Why is that show? At least the exception should get thrown.

Just assuming i understand you correctly. I would suggest that you:

Build that in, use a while loop, iterate for 60 seconds after logging in and increment the counter. if the system has not responded after 60 seconds send hotkey + F5 to refresh the page, and if it still doesn’t respond then throw an error and stop the execution.

Can we use Retry scope as well ??

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And we have been asked by our support team not use hot key or image automation. Also they have suggested us to use IE. In Chrome we didn’t face any such issue.