Automating SAP for a Project

Hi all!

I am currently doing a project regarding discussing pros and cons. with different design decisions in UI Path. Currently, I am looking into creating an automation in the SAP system.
I am aware, that there’s already activities for the SAP GUI, but I was wondering, if it is also possible to use an API to directly scrape data from SAP without having to automate mouse click etc. ?
The idea is, to compare the performance of robots with different designs, like, one developed without the SAP activities just using clicks, one created with the SAP activities, one with exporting the SAP data to an excel file and one with eg. creating an API or something like this.

I am quite new to this, so all information and ideas are more than welcome!

Have a nice day! :slight_smile:

Bound to Legacy Compatibility:

can sometimes lead to EXCEL which are not compatible with WorkBook Activites / invalid Excel

we would also listen e.g. export to Clipboard, CSV/text