Regarding SAP automation in Uipath

Hi all,

I need to know about SAP Automation,is there anybody who is working on SAP automation in Uipath.need some guidance regarding SAP Automation.

Questions I have:

1.what are the challenges in doing SAP automation like what are the activities USED for SAP automation if challenges occurred.?

  1. What is the best reliable method?

3.Is SAP Automation Couse in continuous learning of Uipath Academy enough for SAP Automation? or do we need to know more methods?

4.l heard,for automating SAP, there is another app called SAP Intelligent RPA,SINCE they r unable to do all automation with studio?how far this is true?

5.difference between SAP Automation and SAP Testing…

If possible,anyone can please spend ur time with me on call on any platform (like WhatsApp…),like to talk on SAP Automation…
So that I can prepare my self ?


Hello Kiran,
I assume your questions refer to automation of SAP GUI for Windows. From this perspective, I will try to answer your questions.

  1. UiPath uses SAP GUI Scripting for the automation of the SAP GUI for Windows. With this a lot is possible. However, this depends on your use case. It is in my opinion very difficult to say if there are general challenges. Also because this can be very individual, e.g. depending on the version of the SAP GUI for Windows. My suggestion is: Automate your use case and ask questions here if you have specific problems.
  2. Use the UiPath standard.
  3. In my opinion is the course a very good entry in SAP GUI for Windows automation.
  4. SAP bought Contextor, an RPA vendor based in Paris, in November 2018. Since this time the product has been further developed. SAP Intelligent RPA 2.0 was recently released. SAP Intelligent RPA also uses SAP GUI Scripting, so I assume you have nearly the same possibilities. But again, this depends on your use case. I do not know a direct comparison.
  5. Automation refers to automating of a business process, very often in productive systems. Testing is the act of conducting specific tests via automation, very often in development or QA systems. In a test scenario the result is always compared with an expected value.

Best regards




Yes I am asking about SAP GUI for Windows

Can I talk to u for a few minutes regarding SAP automation, because almost all recruiters are asking about whether I have experience on SAP automation,since I don’t have they are not selecting me Even though I answered all the questions except about SAP automation.

Just guide me where to start in learning SAP automation.

I mean can I talk to u on WhatsApp call.

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