UiPath and Automation360

Hi All,
I wondered if any of you were using both tools: UiPath and Automation Anywhere, and can tell me (excluding marketing samples :slight_smile: ) why you will prefer one tool over another.
Can you share any particular samples like: for that task, I can achieve that only using that tool OR using that tool I can develop faster OR that tool helps me scale faster.
In other words: can you share real-life samples of why you used one tool over another.
I’m mainly interested in automation in medium and small companies.


Welcome to our UiPath community.

Please find the below Gartner report about UiPath and Automation Anywhere.

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Thank you very much for that.
I was interested in more personal opinions (I know Gartner comparison).

Both UiPath and Automation Anywhere tools have proven to be effective RPA tools that helped many enterprises improve productivity and accuracy. However, RPA with Automation Anywhere is highly script-based, which requires you to write codes for performing a single, or a series of task automation. Whereas, UiPath allows you to automate several business processes (from regular to complex) through a visual process design approach. This is highly beneficial for non-technical teams like sales to implement bots through a few steps and automate processes at large. For instance, by implementing UiPath bots, sales managers can automatically prepare and send invoices from email addresses rather than manually replicating data, update accounting records, and track their team’s progress visually. Experts from the right UiPath development service provider help businesses gain maximum value through seamless bot deployment within their infrastructure.