Which Bot run Which process?

I’m having 2 bots running the same process…
but trying to find out how much time exactly each bot took to run each transaction item of that process?

I exported the logs from the Q but the robot coulmn was empty:

and tried to extract the logs from the automation tab under folder but it was stating only the time where each log is thrown in the orchestartor

is there any way to find out or to map these logs with other to know exactly the number of transaction each robot run
and how much time each robot took?

I need to know these info to calculate each bot utilization

Hey @fatima.ahmed,

By navigating to the robots tab where all the robots showed up, clicking on the 3 dots of any robot and click view logs and download the logs for that particular robot and compare the timing.


thanks @Sanjit_Pal
bu this will consume a huge amount of time sine I need to do it monthly for 9 processes running on 10 robots
also the logs from each machine will be scattered like this

Hey @fatima.ahmed

Why don’t you check the transactions in the queue which has the start and end time of an item processed as well as the robot name which processed it !