Visualize utilization of my robots


We have some packages that are almost into production stage, now I need to make sure that I capture the total time saved by each “queue”, robot, process, any information that i can get would be better. Our orchestrator instance does not include insights yet. could anyone help me out on this? what is the easiest way to visualise the total time saved per queue or a robot so we can keep track of the automation benefit


We currently flow the Robot logs through Orchestrator and into Splunk. From there we have a couple dashboards which have define scenarios for each process to determine the hours saved per job or queue item.

We further break it down into “Calculated Successes” i.e. Success = 10 minutes, Business Exception A = 5 minutes, Business Exception B = 3 minutes, etc per process.

We haven’t used the Elastic Search part of the solution, so this may be able to provide you with similar insights.