Robot process time or efficiency

HI All,

Please suggest if there is way to check the bot total utilization time or occupied time. Something like how much time a bot was utilized for a day. Can this be found in the Orchestrator or in any logs ?

if you check log files (Ctrl+L), it will show start time and end time…
please have a review on the same.

@rkelchuri Thanks for your input, are you referring to the execution log file or some other log file ?

if you press Ctrl+L on the UiPath, you can see log files. just give a try.
those are execution logs. You can create your own log files which need special steps to design in your script.

Yes, I have seen those, but doesn’t gives much information about the bot it’s at the process/workflow level only.

Then what do you mean by process time ?

Seems there is something called robot diagnostic logs, which has more details about the robot usage.

ok looks like you got the link…