Which account does service mode Robot run under? Orchestrator's service account?

We are trying to whitelist in our proxy so that attended automation users’ systems can access the official repository (https://www.myget.org/F/workflow/).

Currently they are installed in service mode, so whitelisting their employee AD accounts didn’t work. How would we whitelist “Local System?”


Would switching their install to user mode work? Are there other pitfalls to changing an attended user to user mode?

Which AD user would need to be whitelisted for Orchestrator to be able to access myget.org?

Hey @postwick

We had achieved this by whitelisting that URL using group policy. As AD group can be managed using centralised system, it’ll get the work done.

Although, in past with some clients, we actually deployed all the libraries used in thr orchestrator feed and made the tenants to inherit feed from host.

You can take either approach depending on the AD configuration and compliance

We have been going the Orchestrator route and it’s not a great solution. Tedious. So we are trying to go the whitelist route.

Not sure our IT Sec will allow whitelist of the URL, but we are trying.