Where to find 'Store Credentials'


I moved from v 2016.2.6274 to v 2018.3 and I can find the ‘Store Credentials’ I used to have in the previous version. The Settings option don’t seem to work.

In the old version I had the ‘store credentials’ in the menu bar icon as per below

In the new version I don’t see it

I tried to press ‘Settings…’ but nothing happens. I’m not sure either what it means the ‘disconnected’ message at the end of the window.

Is there different functionality in the new version or do I have a problem in the configuration, version of windows or installation?

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OS Version: Windows server 2008 R2
Others if Relevant: (workflow, logs, .net version, service pack, etc):

Hi Selrac,

The ‘Store Credentials’ option was removed in 2017.1, I think. For the unattended robot, you have to provide the credential in Orchestrator, when you provision the robot and the attended robot will run under current user credential.
Btw, you have installed version 2018.1.3, not 2018.3.

The message at the bottom of the windows says the connection status of robot to Orchestrator. ‘Disconnected’ means that you do not have the connection set. You need to open Settings to configure the connection, but for that you need administrative rights.
Check the software requirements for 2018.1 version on Windows 2008 R2 you need also the update KB 963697 and the Desktop Experience feature.


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Thanks, I didn’t know about the need of orchestrator for the new version, and you are right it is 2018.1.3.

I had desk. experience installed and I installed the KB. Also, I found that you need to be administrator for the ‘settings …’ option to open