Account with no credentials. Credentials are required to run this process

Hi all,
While creating a trigger I face this issue like, I have no credentials defined.

How can I set the credentials ?

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Hey @Shanmathi ,

Have a look at this thread.



Thanks for your reply @Sanjit_Pal
I have already referred this thread and created a Robot account. I have named it as ROBO_ACC.1. Even then it showed the same.

The credentials you set when creating the Robot in Orchestrator have to match the Windows Account credentials used on the Unattended Robot’s machine. Open command prompt and use the whoami command on the unattended machine to get this information. Those credentials are used to create Windows Sessions on the unattended machine for running automations.



Thanks @marian.platonov
I’ve set the credentials in Tenants>Manage Access>Assign Roles>Edit>Unattended Setup.
Now it’s working fine :innocent:.

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