Where to find default apps apk information for use in the mobile device manager

I am trying to automate one of the apps that comes standard with the android phone , for example: a Calculator. Where can I find its APK information such as apk url , app package address and app activity ?

Is there a location\web page where I can find details of all standard android apps ?

Example image attached:

Unless you need a custom APK in order to modify or install in a special way, then you don’t need the APK.

  1. First you need to connect to the device
    a. For a real device you can omit the app and you can connect to the device
    b. For an emulator you can use an web app or any apk you have around

  2. Use Manage Other App activity to activate any preinstalled app

For example if I want to activate the clock, then I can give com.google.android.deskclock as a package and choose Activate. That app will activate and take the focus.

In order to find the package you can start the app while keeping an eye on adb logcat and you should see something like:

02-05 17:46:16.099   542   571 I am_proc_start: [0,1168,10107,com.google.android.deskclock,broadcast,{com.google.android.deskclock/com.android.deskclock.AlarmInitReceiver}]