Where is the latest video tutorial and activities

Question 1: The Studio version I downloaded is 2023.6.1, but when I followed the video of the academy, I found that the version used in the video was 2019 which confused me, where can I find the latest version of the video tutorial?

Question 2: Many of the activities in the video seem to be missing, such as the Attach Window activity, Which is the Attach Window activity in 2023.6.1?


  1. The latest videos are yet to be updated in the UiPath academy pages…for now ypu can check few youtube tutorials whoch have activities related to the modern design
  2. The activities that you are seeing in older version had been upgraded to a new design called modern…if you want to see only activities you can switch off modern design from the studio settings page…or go to activities panel on left → click filter icon → select classic…now you would be able to see classic activities as welll…for very classic activity there is a modern counter part…eg…for attach window the new activity is use application/browser

Here is a list for you


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Hi @Parker

  1. The version which is released in 2019 is stable version. Based on that version only the videos are created based on that activities. After that many version are updated in the studio as well as orchestrator there is no videos are updated in academy. But many activities are came in modern design experience in studio. There is update in selectors, packages, properties for some activities, panels are updated in studio.
    In this case, we have to explore to know about the newly updated activities and new things.

  2. Attach window activity which is used as a container that enables you to attach to an already opened window and perform multiple actions within it. This activity is also automatically generated when using the Desktop recorder. This activity is in the version of 2023.6.1 only.

If you want to use the classic activities go to activities panel → click on filter icon → check the classic. Then you can get the classic activities in Activities panel you can use in the development.

Hope it helps!!

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It’s very useful for me!

Thanks for your help.



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