Course contents are not reflecting of current studio/activities


The courses are not reflecting on the modern activity or experience for new developers. It is very confusing. Could you add separate courses(Foundation/Developer) for modern activities?

@Balaji_Murugan There is no course for Modern Activities they seems to similar like classic folder. If you want to Switch from Modern to Classic Folder then, kindly check our Switching Uipath studio from modern to classic video. Link -

Happy Learning !!

Hi @Balaji_Murugan,

I will set a new category on this post such that this becomes a traceable feedback post.

@Jayavignesh_G he is not looking for modern folders in Orchestrator, he means the academy courses do not reflect the newer modern activities in Studio.

Modern activities vs. Classic activities are related to UiPath Studio
Modern folders vs. Classic folders are related to UiPath Orchestrator

@Balaji_Murugan just so you know, you can activate the Classic Activities in your studio. This will ensure that you can follow the academy course.

To do this, you have to navigate to Activities panel and toggle the filter and click on Show Classic.


Once you do that you will find the classic activities category in the activities panel


@jeevith i guess you took it wrong. I was point-out studio part only here

For more Details kindly check our Switching Uipath studio from modern to classic video.
Link -

Hi @jeevith,

You are correct. That is my point.

@Jayavignesh_G/@jeevith ,
Having UiPath background, I know how to turn on/off the classic activities. But the point is, if we are looking towards new users to start from modern activities, why should the person learn classic activities(if he starts with the latest version) if his solution implementations are based on modern activities?

@Balaji_Murugan This is correct and modern activities has changes which are difficult to understand
Many activities are merged, we don’t have attach browser options any more due to which click does not work separately and many more…
It would be great @uipath if we can have courses targeting moden exp