Where does SMTP mail originate in production bot?

I’m working in a secure ecosystem and need to send SMTP mail. There is a process to request SMTP whitelisting and if a host isn’t on that list, it can’t send mail through the SMTP relay server.

Which poses the question: Where does UiPath SMTP mail originate?

If I’m working in developer mode on a local Studio instance, I would presume it originates from my desktop.

But when the app is deployed to the Cloud instance - is the mail request originating from the desktop of the user running the attended bot? Or does it come from the UiPath Cloud server?

I dug around but couldn’t find the answer to this specific question and I’d prefer to only submit whitelist requests for hosts that I’m certain are going to be the point of origination for the SMTP traffic.

Thanks for any help!



The mail will be Trigger from the Server you mentioned under Host section in Send SMTP Mail Message activity.

I know where the mail relay server is located. But between me and the mail server is a service that blocks mail from any hosts that aren’t explicitly approved to send mail.

So I need to submit a “whitelist” request with the host information about where the message will originate.

I suspect the mail would come from the end client? But I’d like to know for sure. Does the cloud server have any role in the sending of mail or does mail originate at the workstation running the RPA bot?

The mail originates at the UiPath client machine and then travels to the configured SMTP server according to the routing table.

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