Where Do i Find string format

Hai everyone,
plz can anyone say the right place where i can learn most of the string formats used in uipath.I know how to use workflows but i dont know to use string formats

@Rad_K What do you mean by String Formatting ? Do you want that or did you want to know more About String Manipulation? :sweat_smile:

Bro im not saying about string formatting…the formats i.e The VB.NET code that we use for string manipulation
thanks for your response :innocent:

@Rad_K I think you can find this link helpful :smile:

Also UiPath has a framework of c# .net type of Code if I’m not wrong, Vb.net codes needs to be used inside INvoke Code Activity, it is not Directly possible

Bro Iam talking about the code that we use inside certain activity like ‘split’ and certain words included like Environment.newline etc etc