Source for syntax used in Uipath

Hey am new to Uipath , can anyone suggest me the source for all the syntax used in it with the explanation

Hi @shubham_k !
Welcome to UiPath Community :smile:
Well if someone has stored such a thing it would be great to share.
Meanwhile, what I suggest you is to start with some courses (RPA Developer Foundation in uipath academy) so that you get familiar with the syntax.
When you launch UiPath Studio, you have the choice bewteen VB or C#, but by default it’s in VB.

Otherwise, if you have a specific question on a case, what about you suggest your case so we help you into its syntax ? By experience you will end up used to the syntax.

Thank you for the suggestion.
I have started the UIpath developer course, since I don’t have an IT background it’s hard to understand some of the syntax.