Where can we see the Activities added in each version of UiPath.System.Activities?

I just noticed UiPath.System.Activities 21.10.3 has an Else If.

Is there somewhere you post all the new Activities in each version?

By the way, it’s forcing me to choose an official activity to post this, except Else-If isn’t in the list, and it wouldn’t accept any of my other attempts. This restriction should be removed from the forum, since it will be impossible for you to keep it accurate and it’s an annoyance to your users. I had to change it to Help/Studio instead of Help/Activities.

Hi @postwick ,

First time when I heard about it was here:
UiPath Community 2021.10 Preview Release - News / Release Notes - UiPath Community Forum

I believe the news come in those kind of articles, which are pinned for a period of time in the homepage…


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How about release notes of System.Activities?


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Unless I missed it, there’s nothing in there about new Activities for that version.