Where can I find the pathway to the robot executor?

Hi, in previous version of uipath this folder would have a folder called app-21.10.0 of which contains the UiRobot.exe. however i cannot find it, where would it be in 21.4.4?


It is I n the %localappdata%\UiPath\ folder when the Robot is deployed in user mode, and %programdata%\UiPath\ when the Robot is deployed in service mode.

Cheers @aquinn

Thank you, how would I deploy it in user mode?

I am not finding a version or executor in either pathway

Hi @aquinn and @Palaniyappan,

See this thread, I have an explanation which can help you.

The solution marked as solution is not the correct one.

UiPath has moved the exe paths in the recent updates.
You will find exe files here C:\Users\xxxxxx\AppData\Local\Programs\UiPath\Studio


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