Where can I find my nuget package once I publish my workflow



In my local machine where can I find once I publish the workflow. I would like to know how to use batch script to run the robot as I am not using orchestrator.



I think the default location locally is “C:\ProgramData\UiPath\Projects”. ProgramData is hidden typically, so you need to manually type the address in or change setting to show hidden files at Control Panel > Folder Options.

Unless, you are connected to an Orchestrator then it will be published on that location.

Also, if you need to run a batch script locally, you don’t even need to publish it technically, unless you are wanting the version control.



Hi CalytonM,
Could you please provide any reference or steps to run using batch script.




Or do a search for additional help. =)

You can place the script in a text file with extension .cmd or .bat to run it as a batch or do some searches online on creating command line batch scripts.