Where can I download the latest version of Enterprise Studio?



I cannot seem to find the instalation file/link for the latest 2018.2.3 version of studio in uipath.com.

In resources it says I should go to the uipath.com web page, but I cannot find the right place.

Can you please share the direct link to get the latest version?

Thanks for helping out!


Installer(.exe or .msi):

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Hi @kumpujanne

You can always request the download link for the Enterprise .MSI installer via support on the UiPath website.

It is indeed available in the latest version 2018.2.3


Hi @kumpujanne,

I think UiPath does not provide the direct link. You have to send a request to the below link.And you will get a link to down.




The link you provided is for getting the installer for the Community Edition (thus .exe).

The .MSI installer for the Enterprise version can be requested directly from support (I needed to do that when I wanted to upgrade my Studio and they were super fast and helpful).


Thank you all.
We got this solved with the support.