How to Update to a new minor version of UiPath Studio Enterprise Edition?

Good morning,
I’m just trying to update my release of UiPath Studio Enterprise Edition to a new minor version but the only way that i found, also on the web, is to request a new community edition and then re-activate the license.
Is there a way to directly download a .msi file without passing from the web request form?

Thank for the asnwer

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Hi @aguzzimarcello

You can always request the download link for the .MSI installer via support on the UiPath website.


thank you a lot
i’ll do it

Where do I get the latest UiPathStudio.msi?

Hi @snoopy

As of now, contacting support is the right way to receive your MSI installer link.
This is only the case if you did not receive our New Release email with the link already :slight_smile:
(we are sending out an email announcement with the link to every customer upon each new release)

Hi @loginerror

If I install msi file what about my license? Do I need to re-activate it or prior installing msi I need deactivate the license and install msi then activate it.

Could you please me standard procedure for enterprise version. If any ?

Hi @vinnu.vanga

Normally the installer will take care of everything. The license code will stay valid and if it asks you for it again, simply register your Studio again without issue.