Where to update Studio to 18.3

Hi where can I find the link on the UiPath website to update studio to 18.3?
The following was on their ‘About Updating’ help site:

Enterprise Edition

This version can be updated by navigating to the UiPath website and downloading the newest version of the UiPath Platform installer ( UiPathPlatform.msi ). Running the installer automatically replaces all the old files without modifying any of your settings.

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Hi @Edmundz

The Enterprise 2018.3 is not yet available. It should be out soon enough though.

Thank you for your patience :slight_smile:

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Hi…I am no longer able to drag drop any activities in the design pane? I am using Community edition. Is it an issue with the license? I was able to do it until yesterday.

@loginerror thank you. i hope it will be out by november.

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@Edmundz The 2018.3 version of UiPath Enterprise RPA Platform is out now!


Can someone please post the direct download link for the .msi for 2018.3.1? We have been an enterprise customer for two years and just want a download link, and not have to re-sign up for the Trial. Thanks!!


@ovi Thank you! I will check it out

@ovi can I request for the download link to enterprise 2018.3? My company is already running enterprise 2018.2

That’s what we are looking for too - the download link to 2018.3.2 actually. The download site we used to use is not working - gives a 404 error (https://cloud.uipath.com/), We sent a request to support@uipath.com too but don’t have a response yet. Does this have to be this difficult?



Similar situation here… Just want to update from 2018.2. Thanks

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@mgirishfan & @Grant_Steadman

We are aware that the upgrade process is difficult now and we hope to make it better for the next releases. Any suggestion is more than welcomed!

Now, let’s clear your specific situation.

We cannot post the direct download link because as you know this is a public Forum and the link is only for our customers. The Community Edition upgrades automatically and this is why the link is not available publicly here. Your UiPath contact should give you the link. And I have sent you a PM with the link now.

It definitely shouldn’t be so difficult. Since the Enterprise version of UiPath Platform doesn’t upgrade automatically (for obvious reasons) the Product team is thinking to add the download link of the latest stable version directly in Studio Enterprise.

Let me know if you have other queries, please.


Hi @ovi ,
Could you give me the link to 2018.3.1 CE?
My Community Edition doesn’t upgrade automatically, because I’m from Ukraine.
I’ve asked you in PM twice for the last 17 days but still haven’t got any answer

I do not understand why there is no customer download section where any licensed customer can download new software versions and also can find patches.
I’m trying to get the MSI of 2018.3.2 enterprise but until now without any success. My contact is not responding and even a support request is after almost a day not answered. Please send me the download link.