Where are the UI Path logs being stored?

HI i am trying to export logs from UI Path to Sumo Logic.

Anyone had any luck with that? I noticed diag utility tool shows a way to generate logs into a zipped file.
What i am looking for is an actual path where the log files are being stored without having to run the diag tool?

Is running diag tool to generate logs files the only way of getting logs? or there is another way of getting UI Path logs?

The way Sumo Logic works is… it want to see a file path… that it can constantly tap into and grab logs out of…

I need to provide a path in Sumo Logic, but the path… based on what i read can only be created with diag tool… and logs are not in a streaming fashion… Is my understanding correct about the diag tool? I was reading providers article that is relevant to the diag tool here https://docs.uipath.com/studio/docs/argument-descriptions-for-the-uipathdiagtool-utility#section-available-providers

It looks like I have to manually type the command to get the log files generated into a zip file.

What I would like to do is to know if UI Path simply saves log files automatically into a folder…

If not… is there anyway I can make sure that it automatically saves logs into a folder…

I am looking for all sorts of UI Path logs… Any Ideas?

HI @romanwell Welcome to the UIPATH Community

follow the path below


XXXX : your user neame