Where do the logs generated with “Log Message” go? I am clicking on Debug tab - “Logs”. It is not bringing up anything.

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Can you check yyyy-MM-dd_Execution.log file as the following?


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Will verify.

You can also find these logs in the orchestrator jobs


You need to be more clear about your question:

  1. The log message after you’ve published to orchestrator.
  2. The log message when your still running it from Uipath studio.
  3. Do you’ve your studio connected to Orchestrator.

For the first case:
They’re populated in the logs panel as shown in the image below:

For the second case:
They’re populated in the output panel as shown in the screenshot below:


For the third case:
They’re populated in both places so it is up to to you.

Hope that helps.

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Thanks every one. It is not connected to Orchestrator. I can find the logs in output panel. But are they supposed to go into a log file was my question. Does that happen only with orchestrator? Regards,

If your referring to the logs stored locally they are stored for both cases when connected to the orchestrator and when not connected.

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Thank you. Cannot find locally where they are stored. Thank you.

After you’ve run your automation press Ctrl+ L to open the logs.

yes, Thanks

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