Excel package


I’m trying to create a new project envolving MS EXCEL.

I’d installed the excel .activities package, developed the project and save the project.

Everytime I reopen uipath project the excel packages disappears.

Can you guys help me? :slight_smile:


Which Studio version do you have installed?
Please check in %localappdata%\UiPath\Activities(CE) folder if you have the UiPath.Excel.Activities folder. If you can’t find the previous path, try with %ProgramData%\UiPath\Activities(Trial).

Also, when you reopen your project, it appears as uninstalled in Package Manager? Does it happen when you start a new/blank project?

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Studio 2017.1.6414
Community Edition

Hello @ovi,

Yesterday I forgot to answer your last question.

YEs, everytime I reopen the project , it appears uninstalled in package manager, the same happens when I start a NEW/blank project.