When using Action Trigger, bot forget the value of local variable

Hi Team,

any one facing this issue.
after using action triggers, bot forget value of local variable


Hello @Abhinavpandey,

can you please check if For Each Input is Null ??

if what ever the variable you are passing to For Each loop is null it shows this type of error


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Hi @Pradeep_Shiv,
i am looping through the directory.getfiles in for each

after first iteration, when i resume the process
in next iteration, it says object reference not set instance of object

P.S : there are 4 files in that directory.

3 files are still left

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can you cross check if the file is available in the the same path while running in the itteration!

Yes , files are there .

I took the count of the files present .
There are four files but after first iteration as soon as action triggers comes into picture.
Bot forget the values n gives this error

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I am facing the same issue. can anyone give some suggestion ??

@loginerror can you please help here, if i am missing something


Maybe you have something else inside the for each scope that throws the error - something that gets null after the first iteration. The possibility of the bot forgetting the list elements is 0.

Can you post what else do you have inside the for each loop?

Please see below a quick example:



Hi @Cristian_Bardas,

in for each loop,
i have Digitize document,
then write line
then classifying my doc
Present Classification Station
Train Classifiers Scope
Data Extraction Scope
Create Document Validation Action
Wait For Document Validation Action And Resume
then export result

all these activity works fine in first iteration, but in next iteration bot forget the files

execution is good till action comes from orchestrator

now the action is completed form orchestrator

now i will resume my workflow

here i am also checkking the count of files present in rhat directory again
result = 4 means it identifiles there are total 4 files

it complete the first iteraction and exports the result for that document
now it again goes back to main for each loop where it have to take next document but it forget the value and gives this error

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Hi @Abhinavpandey,

If you are using the Present Validation Station activity you should select the Orchestration Process template or go to Project Settings and activate the Supports Persistence flag. This is probably why your list is not persistent over the execution.
Could you please give it a try?


Hi @Cristian_Bardas,

I am also facing the same issue… I am already used present validation station its works fine but when I extended the process with "create document validation " and “wait for document validation action and resume” Activities this error comes unexpectedly.

HI @Cristian_Bardas,

the process is Orchestration Process, i created project in orchestration process and Supports Persistence is true.

please find the json for the same

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its same for me also…so where the problem arise? please suggest some solution.

please help its urgent for me

Would it be possible for you to create a new, fresh project with a simple reproduction of this issue?
(= minimum amount of activities that will cause the issue)

It would help us investigate :slight_smile:

Replace For Each with Parallel For Each

thanks for the help.

able to resolve, Keep wait for document Validation action in mailn.xaml