When to write code (custom activity) vs using UIPath activities?

Hi All,

My background is in C# programming, and I’m creating a UIPath workflow that does some things I can do in code (get email attachments) and some things specific to UIPath (screen scraping).

My question is, when do you choose UIPath activities vs writing code? I know UIPath is .Net based and can do a lot, but I find when I start adding logging, error handling, etc, all those boxes become tough to maintain. And of course things like debugging are more robust in Visual Studio.

If I have the background, should I always do things programmatically if possible?



Hi @steve3886

I think this is totally on your interest :slight_smile:

But UiPath has made use of these activities amazingly simple for those who are not even familiar with coding.

For complex data extraction like performing operations on a datatable, string manipulations etc coding should be first preference, but as you can see that UiPath is evolving deeply and rapidly, it is capable of handling almost everything you can think of, but this is definitely a plus point if you know coding and can do all those operations with your own code.

Happy New Year! :slight_smile:



Thanks Prankur! It sounds like Microsoft devs might prefer custom activities, while non-programmers could take advantage of the more drag and drop visual solution. HNY to you too.


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