Can I use coding instead of dragging and droping for algorithms that don't involve mimicking human actions?

I’m learning UIpath for my first job, and while i find it useful to mimmick human actions, I find it is actually slower to process variables, for instance, I have imported some Lists, now im trying to iterate through them, delete some nodes if they dont meet some conditions, etc… basically things you could code in 10 minutes on Java, while here i have to be dragging and dropping like crazy. Is there a way to call like a script sending it the inputs, then using the outputs to keep mimicking human action? can this be done in JAVA or JavaScript?

Hi there @m.landos,
You could leverage the Invoke Code Activity, which allows you to write in VB.NET:

You can provide your data via Incoming Arguments, and retrieve the manipulated data (where applicable) through Outgoing Arguments.

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Hi @m.landos

There are multiple ways to tackle it. You could:

  1. Use Invoke Code activity, as mentioned by @Mr_JDavey
    (this will limit you to
  2. Use UiPath.Java.Activities pack available via Package manager.
    See here for examples:
  3. Use UiPath.Python.Activities to do the same in Python
  4. Create your own activity by either using our Library feature (which allows you to create an activity for most common action without coding) or by coding it yourself :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply

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Thanks I will take a look at that :wink:

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