When to use App/Web recorder?


When should we use recorder vs normal CV activities or other normal activities (click, etc)?



App / Web recorder will be used when you have the direct access to the application / web browser, That means it’s not inside any citrix app and you can able to identify the elements

When the application / browser is inside any citrix application / the element is not able to scrap, then you can use CV activities as CV activities has capability to identify the element in an Image also

Hope this may help you


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Hello @KD11 ,

Recorder will be useful to create the skelton of your automation proccess. It means you can easily record the steps without any validations and you will have to add the validations manually.

App/Web recorder is the latest recorder in the modern design which helps to automate all the Application including Web and desktop. It uses an anchor base approach.

Citrix automation will be useful if you are not getting any reliable selectors(for eg: citrix environment).Even in web or desktop automation also we will come across such scenarios and you can use it. But if you are doing it in enterprise level license cost will be there.

Other activities are a also helful for the automation of web\desktop application.Even if you use App/Web recorder it will be utilizing these activities(modern activities).


App/Web recorder : If you are not aware of what activities to use for an automation then you can use this recorder and learn from it . It automatically captures your actions and generates activities within the Use application/Browser

CV Activities: These are mainly used to automate virtual desktop environments, citrix machines. Also, these can be used for extracting the data from normal pdfs . The anchors in CV will be helpful to identify exact location of the elements

Other Activities: These can be used to automate the applications where the UiPath can easily interact with the technology behind the applications